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About Forrester Roberts

Forrester Roberts

Forrester Roberts is an artist with a love of poetry and tale telling who lives in Cheltenham, England. His fascination with religious and mythical symbolism has given rise to a wealth of exhibitions in various parts of Britain. It has also won him a Winston Churchill fellowship to study freedom of expression or the lack of it in medieval France. Much of his resulting work is on display in a permanent exhibition in Cornwall; at the site of King Arthur's last legendary battle at Slaughterbridge near Camelford.


He has focused particularly on Arthurian legend because it has proved such fertile soil for the growth of idealistic symbolism. The legends blossomed at a time when the airing of any unorthodox ideology would result in the charge of heresy and probably an agonising death. Many defied the Church and suffered the dreadful consequences. Others, more prudent, took refuge behind the absurdities of alchemy; supposedly searching for eternal youth or the transmutation of base metals into gold, but behind this facade they continued probing into the great mysteries of life. Still others; poets, artists, troubadors, also felt it necessary to disguise their religious yearnings. So they wrapped them up in tales so fantastic that their symbolism was missed by the ‘Hounds of God’. However, the stories they wove were to endure because they reflect so many facets of the human condition. That they still pulse with life is evidenced by the wealth of art and poetry they continue to inspire.

It is this same impulse that motivates the work of Forrester Roberts.

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