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Arthurian Geneology

Arthurian Geneology

Arthurian Geneology
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Arthurian legend was deeply rooted in Celtic tradition and therefore frowned on by the early scribes of the Roman Church. They had disenfranchised the Celtic saints and at first tried to dismiss the story of King Arthur. He was only briefly acknowledged in their early historical accounts but, ultimately his legend proved too strong to be ignored. Through the popularity of the Celtic bards it sprang to life again with the court of King Arthur providing the idealised background for endless stories of his knights, all bathed in an aura of mystery and celtic magic. In the more sophisticated Norman world across the Channel, troubadours were able to transform their adventures so that they reflected the all too human problems of the medieval day. The way their family trees grew with every telling and became established is illustrated and described in this fascinating new chart entitled:-

'Arthurian geneology According to Ancient text And medieval romance'.

Over the years, these complex geneologies have built upon themselves in the manner of a coral reef which provides an ideal environment for ever more colourful personalities to grow and flourish.

'Arthurian Geneology...' clearly illustrates the ancient structures that have given us so many vivid characters. The chart depicts their family trees as an enchanted forest full of strange creatures, brilliantly illuminated in the medieval style. Each knight is placed in the context of his family with references to the oldest known records bearing his name.

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