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La Bretagne Enchante

La Bretagne Enchantee

La Bretagne Enchante Map
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In the 6th Century the Celtic nations of Britain and Armorica (Western Brittany) were so closely linked that for a brief period the kingdom of Dumnonia covered territories on both sides of the Channel and was ruled by one king. When invaders came to devastate Britain, famine and disease provoked a wholesale migration of Celtish tribes to Armorica and thus was Brittany born.

These were the first ‘boat people’ and they brought with them a rich folklore, which merged with colourful Armorican traditions in their new home. The marvellous tales of king Arthur took on a new lease of life here and soon became the most popular legends in France.

In brilliant colour, 'La Bretagne Enchantee' charts the Arthurian legends in Brittany, from Lancelot's castle of ‘Joyeux Garde’ to Arthur's battle with the giant of Mont St.Michel.

The chart is 550 x 700 mm and is printed in both French and English versions. It can be sent in a roll pack.

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