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Cathar Eclipse



The astonishing chateau of Queribus gave shelter to Cathar ‘perfecti’ for many years and was never taken by assault. It commands superb views over the Plain of Roussillon.

This is a concise historical account, in book form, of the crusade against the Cathars that began in 1209. The Roman Church dismissed this pacifist sect out of hand and mockingly christened them ‘Cathars’ or ‘Perfect Ones’. However, their growing popularity soon made them a force to be reckoned with, and the church quickly stopped using the name when it became too popular. It reverted to calling them ‘Albigenses’ or just plain heretics and organised the Albigensian crusade to destroy the Cathars and any other heretical group that dared to disagree with the Church.

For the First nine years the Crusade was led by Simon de Montfort, whose military brilliance carried all before it. However, his ruthless cruelty created more enemies than friends and he died leaving a countryside divided and devastated but still turning to the Cathar faith. After his death the Pope created the Inquisition to root out all those still refusing to bow to Rome's dictats. With the power of the state behind it, the fanaticism of the Inquisition proved more successful than military might.

Cathar Eclipse

Click here to see a sample chapter from Cathar Eclipse - the story of the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars.

Although the inquisitors were detested wherever they went and nicknamed ‘the Lord’s hunting dogs’ they pursued their trade with enthusiastic vigour until the Cathar faith had been completely wiped out.

The book captures the spirit of those unforgiving times. The poignancy and drama of the Cathar's last stand will be remembered long after the details of the campaigns have been forgotten. With more than fifty illustrations the book is thoroughly readable in its own right, but also makes an admirable companion to the Spirit of Crusade map. At this time it is printed by computer in English only. A French version is being prepared.

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