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Knights of the Round Table

Knights of the Round Table
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This Magnificent chart is printed in both French and English versions. It is inspired by the splendid frieze of Arthurian shields and blazons that complement the Arthurian paintings in the Queen's robing room at the Palace of Westminster.

Any record of the origins of the decoration on these shields had been lost and it was left to Forrester Roberts to identify and codify each of the Westminster blazons for the first time.(All these blazons are now on display at the 'Lands of Arthur' exhibition at Slaughterbridge in Cornwall).

Of the sixty-five shields surrounding the room, 25 are named on the famous Round Table hanging in the great hall of Winchester Castle. Now Forrester Roberts has designed a chart to display the blazon of each knight named on the table together with a brief commentary about his place in legend.

The chart is 550 x 800 mm. It is laminated, and can be sent in a roll pack.

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