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Land of Arthur

The Arthurian Legends have inspired more art, poetry and drama than any other single mythical cycle in the world. They remain permanently poised in a twilight world between reality and romance, constantly generating new forms and revealing psychological and spiritual truths that transcend the bounds of pure history.

Land of Arthur
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The great work of Thomas Malory has inspired a roll call of artists from Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelites to Lerner Loewe in the present day. It helped infuse England with Victorian ideals even though Malory’s inspiration sprang from the French texts he read in prison. It is this blend of influences that make the Arthurian legends so hauntingly mysterious.

The ‘Land of Arthur’ chart illuminates the stories associated with local places and traditions by exploring this captivating brew of Celtic, French and English cultures.

The ‘Land of Arthur’ chart measures 640 x 480 mm. It is laminated, and can be sent in a roll pack.

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