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Symbols of the Grail Quest

Symbols of the Grail Quest by Forrester Roberts

Symbols of
the Grail Quest
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All folk-tales carry a hidden message that can profoundly affect the true listener, moving him more into line with the higher will. This is the supreme value of folk-tales and the central aim of all religious experience.

The Fisher King from 'Symbols of the Grail Quest' - illustration by Courtney Davis

The Quest for the Holy Grail is a spiritual journey crowned by the mystical pilgrimage of Parzifal. The symbols endure because they are alive in a psychological world, independent of the dimensions of time and space. They are deeply personal, full of astonishing insight and as relevant to life today as they were when they were written.

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Symbols of the Grail Quest
By Forrester Roberts with illustrations by Courtney Davis
Published by St.Justin (1990) ISBN 1-872855-00-8

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